Welcome to the TACTICAL DADDY® Website!

Welcome to TACTICAL DADDY® Website!

There are tons of tools and accessories for parents on the go. However, the vast majority cater towards women, in style and design. TACTICAL DADDY® apparel appeals to fathers because they are comfortable, practical, and can be used and worn for a variety of activities beyond parenting.

When my second son was born, I was at the point where I hated my wife’s diaper bag. While she was in the hospital, I took my first born son to visit her. Instead of packing up her diaper bag, I took the vest that I already was selling to law enforcement, and discovered that its pockets and compartments were perfect for carrying diapers, wipes, and other items on the go…with one minor exception. I no longer had to carry my wife’s feminine diaper bag/purse! Finally, I was free.

The TACTICAL DADDY® is a diaper bag that men can live with. Now, the TACTICAL DADDY® has grown in popularity, and we have expanded our products to include other apparel, as well. I urge you to look at our introductory video (located on the side panel) to see the exciting new products that are available.

Before I got into this business, I was involved in the selection and procurement of uniforms for my Public Safety Department. We went through several vendors, all of whom stated that their products do not shrink. Wear test after wear test resulted in shrunken clothing. When we tried uniforms from the same manufacturer who produces TACTICAL DADDY® items, they made the same promises…with one difference. Their apparel actually does not shrink!

When a thin person's clothing shrinks, he or she can get away with wearing tight apparel. I am overweight, and the social standard is not the same. When my clothes shrink, I have to give them to charity, because no one wants to see a fat guy wearing tight clothing. I exclusively wear TACTICAL DADDY® products because they are durable, practical and do not shrink! I rarely wear blue jeans anymore! I only wear TACTICAL DADDY®.

Marcus Melnick
The Melnick Conglomerate