The Melnick Conglomerate owns The TACTICAL DADDY® . In addition to the 5.11 Tactical items listed on this website, we are a full-line 5.11 dealer and can provide anything that 5.11 produces.

We also sell over 15,000 items from 160 manufacturers, which are listed below. If you are looking for a specific item from one of these manufacturers, please use the contact page, and send us a message. Most of the time, we can beat our competitors prices! We also can offer tactical solutions and suggestions to custom fit your needs.

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In Alphabetical Order by Manufacturer

5.11 Tactical Series (Apparel & Equipment)
911 EP (Emergency Lights)
A & G (Magazine Spacers)
Advanced Technology (Firearms Accessories)
Advantage Arms (Caliber Conversion Kits)
Allen (Firearms Accessories)
Ajax (Handgun Grips)
American Barrel Company
American Security (Gun Safes)
American Technology Network (Optics)
AO Safety (Hearing and Eye Protection)
Armalite (Firearm Accessories)
Armor Express (Body Armor)
Arsenal (Firearms Accessories)
ASP Armament Systems (Impact Weapons)
A-Zoom (Snap Caps)
Baccou-Dalloz/Howard Leight (Personal Protective Equipment)
Batteries by Polaroid
BSA Optics
Beamshot (Laser Sights)
Benchmade Knives
Bianchi Leather/Accumold (Holsters & Belts)
Birchwood Casey (Gun Bluing)
Blackhawk (Tactical Equipment)
Blackwater (Tactical Apparel & Equipment)
Blue Training Guns
Blue Wonder (Firearm Cleaning Supplies)
Bolle (Eye Protection)
Boresnake (Firearm Cleaning Supplies)
Boston Leather (Holsters & Belts)
Break-Free (Firearm Cleaning Supplies)
B-Square (Rifle Scope Accessories)
Bulldog (Gun Cases)
Burris Optics
Bushnell Optics (Scopes & Binoculars)
Butler Creek (Firearm Cleaning Supplies)
C-More Systems (Optics)
Caldwell (Firearm Accessories)
Casco International (Impact Weapons)
Champion Traps and Targets
Clenzoil (Firearm Cleaning Supplies)
Close Quarters Concealment (Holsters)
Code 3 (Emergency Lights)
Cold Steel Knives
Columbia River Knives
Command Arms (Firearms Accessories)
Crimson Trace (Laser Sights)
Crossman (Air guns)
DAC (Firearms Accessories)
Daisy (Air guns)
Decal Grip (Handgun Grips)
Defense Technology (Pepper Spray, etc.)
Do-All Outdoors (Targets and Traps)
Don Hume (Holsters and Belts)
Dosco Sport (Gun Cases)
DS Arms (Firearms Accessories)
Ear Hugger (Sound Protection)
Emergency Medical Instruments
EO Tech (Holographic Sights)
ESS Eyewear
ETL (Gun Safes)
Emerson Knives
Evi-Paq (Evidence Supplies)
Fire-Dex (Fire Protection Gloves)
Flitz (Firearm Cleaning Supplies)
Fobus Holsters
Fox Labs (Pepper Spray, etc.)
G, G & G (Firearms Accessories)
Galco (Holsters & Belts)
Gamo (Targets and Traps)
Garrett Metal Detectors
Gerber Tools and Knives
Glock (Apparel and Accessories)
Glove Corporation
Gould & Goodrich (Holsters & Belts)
Gun Mate (Holsters)
Gun Vault (Safes)
Gunslick (Caliber Conversion Kits)
Harris Engineering (Bipods)
Hatch Gloves
Hiatts Handcuffs
HKS (Speed loaders)
Hogue (Firearm Grips)
Hoppes (Firearm Cleaning Supplies)
Identicator (Evidence Supplies)
Inova (Flashlights)
Insight Technology (Flashlights)
Kabar (Knives)
Kengs (Handcuff Keys)
Kershaw Knives
King Cobra (Nomex Hoods)
Kleen-Bore (Firearm Cleaning Supplies)
Knoxx Industries (Firearm Accessories)
Koehler-Bright Star (Flashlights)
Konus Optics
Laser Aiming Systems (Laser Sights)
Laser Devices (Laser Sights)
LaserMax (Laser Sights)
Laserlyte (Laser Sights)
Leatherman Tool
LEICA (Optics and Cameras)
Leupold (Optics)
Life Jacket (Gun Locks)
Lightning Powder (Evidence Supplies)
Limbsaver (Butt Stock Pads)
Mace Security International
Mag-Lite Flashlights
Magazines (For Auto loading Firearms)
Magpul (Firearms Accessories)
MasterLock (Gun Locks)
Masters of Defense Knives
Meprolight (Gun Sights)
MetalTec (Metal Detectors)
Midwest Industries (Firearms Accessories)
Mil-Tac (Defensive Weapons)
Millett (Optics Accessories)
Monadnok Products (Impact Weapons)
Night Owl Optics
Nikon Optics (Riflescopes & Binoculars)
NIK (Narcotics Testing Kits)
NOV8 (Rescue Tools)
ODV (Narcotics Testing Kits)
Omega Pacific (Carabineers)
Ontario Knife Company
Original Swat Boots
Otis Technology Gun Care
Outers (Firearms Cleaning Accessories)
Pachmayr (Firearm Grips)
Paulson Tactical (Riot Gear)
Pearce Grips
Peerless Handcuffs
Pelican Products (Cases and Flashlights)
Pentagon Light (Flashlights)
Posse Box (Storage Clipboards)
Premier Crown Helmets
Pro-Guard Industries (Prisoner Transport)
ProLok Lock Picking Tools
PS Products (Holsters and Stun Guns)
QuikStep Ladders
Radians (Eyewear)
RWS (Optics)
Sabre Pepper Spray
Safariland (Holsters & Belts)
Saunders Clipboards
Schwabel (Mosquito Repellents)
Seeker Metal Detectors
Sequiam Biometrics (Biometric Gun Safes)
Shooter’s Choice (Firearm Cleaning)
Shot Lock (Gun Locks)
Sigarms (Apparel and Accessories)
Silencio (Hearing Protection)
Simmons (Optics)
SKB Gun Cases
Smith and Wesson (Accessories and Knives)
Soft Air (Air Guns)
SOG Knives
Spitfire (Pepper Spray)
Speedfeed (Gun Stocks)
Spyderco (Knives)
Steiner (Firearms Accessories)
Streamlight (Flashlights)
Strong (Badge Cases and Wallets)
Tac-Force (Gun Cases)
TacStar (Flashlights)
Tactical Daddy Apparel
Tango Down (Firearms Accessories)
Target Sports (Targets)
Tasco (Optics)
Techniche Intl (Warming & Cooling Products)
Traffic Safety (Reflective Traffic Vests)
Trijicon (Gun Sights)
Truglo (Gun Sights)
Tufloc (Firearm Mounting in Vehicles)
Ultra Dot (Firearms Sights)
Uncle Mikes (Holsters and Belts)
Vanguard (Firearms Accessories)
Visualock (Gun Locks)
VLTOR (Firearms Accessories)
Warne Scope Mounts
Warrior Wear (Boots)
Weaver (Firearms Accessories)
Wheeler Gunsmithing Set
Whistles by Acme
Wilson Combat (Firearms Accessories)
Wilson Tactical (Knives)
Woolrich Apparel
Zak Tools (Slim Jims, etc)Zeiss (Optics)

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