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BellaOnline (November, 2007)




Home Business Magazine (October, 2007)





Entrepeneur.com's review




Chicago Tribune Guy Page (March 2007)



noodad.com's review (March 2007).



Chicago Daily Herald (August 2006)


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"The Tactical Daddy allows men to be dad, in a comfortable
way. As more products such as this become available, men will not feel
like they are being Mr. Mom's but rather being good ol' dad, like it
should be. "
Family Review Magazine
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"This is a really comfortable vest which fits well and can be
used for more than carrying diapers. For example, I use it for
grilling, carrying my utensils, spices and drinks. It also frees up
both hands so I can carry a child much easier than I did while carrying
a diaper bag, as well."
iParenting Media Award

"This is an original product, unlike anything I have ever seen.
As an emergency medicine physician and dad, I love the fact that your
hands are free and you can keep your eyes on your child at all times."
iParenting Media Award

"We have been to Disney several times and have lugged around a
backpack. This is ideal for vacations! It holds our camera, video
camera, extra tapes, activities for the kiddoes, and wipes and snacks!
I really like this product!"
iParenting Media Award

"As a pediatrician, I love exciting products that allow parents
to get involved with their children while being comfortable "in their
own skin." The Tactical Daddy is a practical and fun tool for fathers
to care for and be themselves with their kids, without the self
consciousness of toting around a diaper bag."
Arie Friedman, MD